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My name is Grace Thorley and I am a young, Australian Artist.  

My art journey and career started 4 years ago when I graduated high school. I saved my money and went off to University to study a Bachelor of Art and Design. After a successful year at University however I decided to leave and pursue my art career on my own. I put the last of savings together and opened my very own online store (this one you are currently on) where I could sell my art. I am proud to say that I have been selling my art on my online store for 2 years all around Australia and the world. 


It has been a very difficult 4 years pursuing my art dream but however, despite all the downfalls and challenges I’m glad I did what I did. Im glad I followed my passion and I’m glad I didn’t listen to the criticism of others about my art because if I did, I wouldn’t be so lucky to have gained a supportive, generous and kind following towards my art.


Thank you to all my family, friends, online followers and customers for supporting me and my art all these years. I am so very grateful. Every ounce of support means so much to me as my art is the centre of my world and my sense of belonging. I aspire to inspire others through my artworks and I hope that my art can make a positive influence in this world someday...

Love, Grace xx


 Instagram: gracethorley

TikTok: gracethorleyart

Youtube: Grace Thorley

Facebook: Grace Thorley Art

Twitter: gracethorleyart